High School Block:


Science courses prepare students to hypothesize; inquire, pursue, acquire, and apply knowledge about the physical and natural world; be curious; plan, create and action change; apply a systematic methodology based on scientific evidence and grounded in observation and experimentation; find problems and make decisions by critical evaluation of evidence and applying knowledge and evidence to novel situations; and apply science values and attitudes.

Courses and Cluster Options

Required: 8 credit hours from Science

Compulsory: No compulsory courses

8 credit hours from the following options: Science for Sustainable Societies 10, Environmental Geoscience 110, Biology 111/2, Biology 121/2, Chemistry 111/2, Chemistry 121/2, Physics 111/2, Physics 121/2, Human Physiology 110, Introduction to Electronics 110, Approved AP/IB Science Courses, Advanced Environmental Science 120, Introduction to Environmental Science 120, Auto Electrical Systems 120*, Forestry 110*, Agriculture 110*

*Courses with an asterisk may be used to fulfil the requirements for no more than one cluster.