High School Block

Learners in Grades 9 – 12 are increasingly aware of the challenges they will face as adults. They appreciate relevant learning that supports their understanding of current events and how to make sense of complex issues. In general, they are empowered by connections to local contexts, especially when these connections provide clarity about how their learning within and outside of school can be applied to improve and/or enhance their communities. Entry into high school marks an important transition in an adolescent’s life. Learners may be nervous about what to expect as they move to high school. Most have a sense of anticipation with potential course possibilities, friendships, and extracurricular opportunities. Grade 9 marks the year that learners must develop a career plan as this will inform their course choices as they begin to earn credits for graduation. While there is a common curriculum in Grade 9, learners who have demonstrated a high level of performance on the indicators may have the opportunity to begin accumulating credits.

In the High School Block, learners are:

  • excited about the freedom that comes with high school.
  • examining the values around them and the messages that media and social media are communicating.
  • developing personal beliefs informed by their interactions.
  • influenced by those with whom they feel connected and to whom they feel respect.
  • bombarded by questions about what they want to be when they grow up and they are often concerned that they do not know the answer.

High School Block learners need:

  • a sense of belonging as it is so important to how they view themselves.
  • reassurance of hope about the future.
  • opportunities to practice civil discourse and to debate complex issues.
  • support to see how their skills, talents, and abilities are needed in their community and relate to potential careers.
  • positive, patient, and present mentors who guide their developing sense of competence and identify opportunities for them to explore areas of strength.

High School Block learners become:

  • more focused on peers and relationships.
  • aware of complexities and clearer on their personal values.
  • interested in career-connected and experiential learning.
  • increasingly independent as they make immediate and long-term decisions.

Additional Programs

The Essential Skills Achievement Pathway (ESAP) Program is an opportunity for students to earn a high school diploma that prepares them for a post-secondary education, apprenticeship or the world of work. The program consists of personalized learning opportunities that allow students to explore their skills, talents, abilities and interests while intentionally attaining the 9 federally identified Essential Skills.