High School Block:

Career Connected Learning


Career and Occupational Learning prepares learners to develop an informed vision for the future linked to their interests, preferences, values, and abilities; critically investigate the labour market and career pathways that they expect to find most fulfilling; and learn about career pathways of interest by engaging in frequent ongoing career-connected experiential learning.

  • Options include: Business Organization and Management 120, Early Childhood Services 110, Goals, Growth, and Grit: Skills for Success 120, Housing and Design 120, and Indigenous Engagement and Leadership 120. See all >>

Digital and Information Technology courses are designed for students to learn about a diverse set of digital technologies used to create, store, share, or exchange information. The technologies include both hardware (physical devices) and software (instructions for devices). Most familiar technologies include computers, computer languages, internet and digital communications, cybersecurity, and software (apps) associated with these devices.

  • Options include: Advanced Technology 120, Computer-Aided Design 110, Computer Science 110, Cybersecurity 120, and Digital Production 120. See all >>

Skilled trades courses prepare learners to become self-reliant, understand the applied principles of math and science, develop creativity, find their strengths, and obtain skills that can lead to a career in the trades. Components of a skilled trades course include developing self-care practices, design and plan reading, manipulating shapes and patterns, acquisition of trade-specific skills, construction of a product to satisfy a need or solve a problem, and career exploration.

  • Options include: Automotive Electrical Systems 120, Culinary Technology 110, Framing and Sheathing 110, Metals Fabrication/Welding 120, and Residential Finish 120. See all >>