High School Block:

Wellness and Physical Education

Wellness and Physical Education: Wellness courses prepare students to make informed decisions, recognize personal health and growth, develop positive relationships, and be an advocate for inclusivity. Components of a wellness course include healthy lifestyle, mental fitness, positive relationships, understanding stages of human growth and development, and connecting to future pathways.

Physical education courses prepare students to engage in goalsetting, enhance physical, emotional, and social well-being, and understand the importance of cooperative participation in physical activities. Components of a physical education course include movement skills and concepts, strategies and tactics, and well-being.

Courses and Cluster Options

Compulsory Wellness and Physical Education 4 credit hour minimum:

Health Care 110, Nutrition for Healthy Living 120, Outdoor Education 110, Physical Education 10, Psychology 110/120, Wellness through Physical Education 110, Sport and Recreation Leadership 120, Approved AP/IB, Early Childhood Development 120, Human Services 110, Individual and Family Wellness 120

For 2023-24 the following list of Locally Developed Courses (already approved for the school) will be considered options for the Wellness and Physical Education cluster as these will become prescribed in 2023: Dance 110, Yoga 110, Advanced Training Principles 120