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Curriculum Framework

Program Blocks

The curriculum is divided into five program blocks: Early Learning and Childcare, Primary, Elementary, Middle, and High. The blocks revolve around an image of the learner at particular age groupings and are intended to facilitate an understanding of the general transitions that happen as learners gain experiences and mature.

In an inclusive system, learners remain with their social group, learning in contexts that reflect their increasing level of life experiences. They develop and practice skills where they are at and are part of a learning community that represents a social fabric in which variability is valued as a strength.

Each of the Program Blocks is followed by the Learning Area descriptors explaining why this area is meaningful to the learner. It outlines contexts and concepts that will be explored through the enacted curriculum in each area at this stage of the learner’s development.

In the section titled What We Teach: Learning Areas, the contexts, concepts and skills are organized in these program blocks. In an inclusive system, learners remain in their social age group regardless of their skill level, and the program blocks facilitate this.