High School Block:

Language Arts and Languages

Language Arts and Languages courses prepare learners to develop communication skills; decode, understand, evaluate, and write; access information via oral histories, text, or media; make and receive meaning; make connections and judgments; form hypotheses, analyze, and synthesize; compose and create texts; enhance creative thinking; and foster an understanding and appreciation for languages and cultures.

Courses and Cluster Options

Required: 24 credit hours and successful completion of the English Language Proficiency Assessment


  • PIF/FILA 10 (4CrH)
  • Grade 10: ELA 10 (Foundational, Literary/Informational) (4CrH) and/or EAL Essentials A1.1 – Expressions B1.2
  • Grade 11: ELA Foundational 111/2/3 (4CrH) and/or EAL Essentials A1.1 – Expressions B1.2
  • Grade 12: ELA 121/2/3 (4CrH)

8 credit hours from the following options: Literary Texts 10/11, Informational Texts 10/11, ELA Extended 10/11, EAL Essentials A1 – Expressions B1, FILA 110/120, Post-Intensive French 110/120, Intro/Intermediate Mi’kmaw 110, Intro/Intermediate Wolastoqey 110, Writing 110, Canadian Literature 120, Journalism 120, Media Studies 120*, Mandarin 12A/12B, Reading Tutor 120, Spanish 110/120, French as an Additional Language A1.1/A1.2, Techniques de Communication 110/120, and approved AP/IB Language Arts and Languages Courses

*Courses with an asterisk may be used to fulfil the requirements for no more than one cluster.